Yoga Gear

Yoga Balance Board Inflatable Disc Pad Ankle Strength

Increase:ankle strength,mobility,joint stabilisation.Optimal training of balance and co-ordination!P..


Yoga Massage Roller Foam Roller Muscles Relaxing

Yoga Massage Roller Foam Roller allows deep massaging of muscles using the body weight.The massage h..


Yoga Mat Two-colored Pilates Gym Exercise Sport Mats

Our products are designed for comfort and stability so that you can focus on your poses and breathin..


Yoga Pilates Swiss Ball Anti-burst Gym Exercise Balls

Yoga Pilates Swiss Ball Anti-burst Gym Exercise Balls can help and train in physiotherapy and exerci..


Yoga Waist Pillow Cushion Pillow Pelvis Correction

Make it a habit to do a short exercise everyday for a short 5 minutes with this pelvic correction yo..

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We’ve selected a large range of yoga accessories to help you improve your fitness levels. A full range of yoga accessories such as mats, balls and foam rollers. Whether you're a yoga teacher who is in the studio for hours a day, attend a weekly class, or just follow a video lesson in the comfort of your own home, you'll enjoy shopping our products.
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